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Hooked on Sugar?

Cedar Wood Sugar Chiropractic, Nutrition and MassageOne of our main jobs is to get help you kick the sugar habit. Most people have it…and its bad. It may not seem bad but it happens to be the main cause of disease in the U.S. including the chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease as well as depression, fatigue and frequent infections and colds.

That’s sugar in all its forms: Sucrose-refined white sugar; brown sugar; organic evaporated cane juice; and many others. It definitely includes high fructose corn syrup. For some people even fruit, milk and other refined carbohydrates can create adverse health conditions.

Sugar acts like a drug when trying to quit it. It causes withdrawals and cravings like a drug. There is ONE right way to get off of it and there are many wrong ways to get off sugar. We have helped thousands get off sugar and we do it the right way.

Freedom from sugar is an important goal for your health and well-being. Take on this responsibility to save yourself countless problems now and in the future. Learn more about what makes our approach so effective by requesting an appointment or giving us a call at 802-863-5828 today.