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The basics of diabetes and blood sugar problems

The term blood sugar refers to the amount of glucose (sugar) circulating in your bloodstream. The sugar in your blood stream comes primarily from the consumption of sugar and other carbohydrates like grain products – bread, pasta, and rice.
There are several abnormalities that can occur with how the body directs sugar in the body. Some of these abnormalities are called pre-diabetes, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

How does it start?

In a normally functioning body, the digestive hormone insulin directs the glucose in the bloodstream. Insulin is excreted by the pancreas in response to the consumption of carbohydrates. Over time, if excessive amounts of carbohydrates are consumed, the pancreas can become unable to continue to output enough insulin or the body’s tissues become resistant to insulin and insulin becomes ineffective. Over time this can develop into diabetes.

Hypoglycemia is a state where blood sugar is too low. It often happens when to much sugar and carbohydrates are eaten all at once. This spikes the amount of sugar in the blood up quickly. Later, the blood sugar goes down too far. At this point you feel tired, cranky and have pain. You crave more sugar, caffeine or tobacco if depending on you habits. Over time hypoglycemia often turns into diabetes.

When should I see a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner?

At the first sign of blood sugar issues, you should come to Cedar Wood Natural Health Center. If caught early, most cases of blood sugar issues can be reversed through the appropriate low carb diet without the need for medications such as Metformin.

Other symptoms of blood sugar problems are shakiness between meals, brain fog, confusion, excessive sweating, frequent urination, fatigue and abdominal weight gain.

How will Cedar Wood Natural Health Center handle my blood sugar?

Cedar Wood Natural Health Center practitioners are skilled at guiding you to the correct dietary changes and supplements for healthy blood sugar levels. Blood sugar problems are conditions created by poor nutritional choices and must be treated through the appropriate nutrition for your body. Request an appointment or give us a call at 802-863-5828 today.