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Weak Immune System

The basics of a weak immune system

A weak immune system is actually a dysfunction of the organs that are involved in immunity. 80% of these organs are in the abdomen. If you want to correct a defunct or weak immune system, you have to correct the organs and systems in the abdomen. They are the intestines, the Lymphatics (sewer system) and the friendly bacteria or “microbiota”.

What causes a weak immune system?

There are a number of factors that weaken the body’s immune system. The most common cause is poor food and drink choices. Other common causes include overuse of antibiotics, vaccinations, NSAID pain medications, poor air and water quality, stress, toxicity of heavy metals or chemicals, surgeries, and radiation. At the NHCAA, we look for the cause of the problem so we can bring the body back into balance and proper function. Rehabilitating the gut, where the immune system is centered is a step by step process. Once we identify the source, we can start giving the body the tools it needs to be healthy.

When should I see a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner?

If you are feel like you are sick all the time, have taken too many antibiotics, are missing days off work, have low energy and are suffering with chronic infections, your immune system needs help. Whether the symptoms are appearing acutely or chronically, it is a good time to see a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner. Handle this problem now because symptoms only worsen with time if they aren’t addressed properly and promptly.

How will Cedar Wood Natural Health Center handle a weak immune system?

Everyone’s body is different therefore; no two people require the same type of program. Our team of practitioners uncover the root cause of the imbalance and find the best course of action for each individual’s unique needs. You may need detoxification, tissue repair, inflammation reduction, or digestion repair. Learn more about what makes our approach so effective by requesting an appointment or give us a call at 802-863-5828 today.