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Tired? Fatigued? Using 5-hour Energy to make it through?

Most people we see complain of being tired or having low energy. They have tried many drugs, most of which didn’t work and the ones that do need to be taken for life because they don’t fix the cause.

Reversing fatigue with nutrition is the way to go. There are many, many causes! The food you choose is the biggest cause of fatigue. We really work with “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Over the course of months, you will be trained to see which foods cause your body to be energized and which foods make it tired.

We use “organ-specific” supplements to rebuild your organs. There are a few organs that are in charge of your energy levels. If they are malnourished, they need to be repaired with nutrition. There is no drug that repairs an organ.

Be smart about the healthcare you choose. You can feed your body and remove toxins to improve health or you can suppress symptoms with medications. Learn more about what makes our approach so effective by requesting an appointment or giving us a call at 802-863-5828 today.