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New Patient Nutrition Visit

(Includes your two-part new patient visits. During your initial visit you receive a Cedar Wood consultation including full Health History, Health Symptom Survey, Health Express Computerized Analysis and total health screening utilizing Nutrition Response Testing. Your 2nd visit, called the  Report of Findings, will be scheduled within 7 days of the Initial Visit and you will receive a printed Report of Findings that details your current whole health state. Your doctor or practitioner will go over this with you in detail and present you with Total Health Restoration Plan and Designed Clinical Nutrition Program to improve any and all health conditions found in the initial visit.) New patients who are referred by a current patient may receive additional discounts on their first visit. ALL new patients receive a $20 credit to their patient account AFTER they have attended their first Health Education Lecture within their first 4 weeks of care at Cedar Wood Natural Health Center.

Follow Up Nutrition Visits

Any standard appointment for a single Nutrition visit, visits usually run about 30 minutes.

Child Nutrition : Child Chiropractic : Child Extensive Chiropractic

Any standard appointment for a single Nutrition OR Chiropractic visit for any minor child under 18 years old. Children must have at least one parent who is also a current patient. We have found that if a child is put on any sort of nutrition program and neither parent is also on their own Total Health Restoration and nutrition program it is a disservice to the child and the parents. Due to the fact that without the support and help of at least one parent the child’s health will not improve as it should it is policy that a parent must be an established patient on a Designed Clinical Nutrition program and happy with their own results before a child can start on a program.

Nutritional Healthcare Packages

Our entire purpose is to help people achieve full and vibrant levels of physical and emotional health so they can spend time doing the things important to them in life and do it for a very long time. Our Total Health Restoration and Designed Clinical Nutrition programs are built on fully restoring and maintaining optimum health for every individual who comes to the center and commits to taking our advice and doing the program. It has usually taken years or decades for people to attain the states of ill health they are in, luckily it doesn’t usually take that long to turn their health around. But it does take some time and commitment.

The first commitment is at the Report of Findings visit when you see the true state of your health, the good and the bad…and more importantly you realize their may be a solution to chronic pain, tiredness, mood swings, digestion trouble, hot flashes, exhaustion, fuzzy thinking, anxiety, depression or any other health challenge you may have.

If you’re willing to take the steps you need to restore your health and we think we can help you then our commitment to you is to help you overcome these health challenges and restore your health. The first part of your Total Health Restoration program will take about 12 weeks and the next subsequent phases will vary but it could take another 12 weeks for you to reach a very high plateau of health and move into a Health Maintenance phase where you might see us only a few times a year.

In our experience the patients who make it to this level of health commit to the first 12 visits at their report of findings and sign up for them as well. When our patients do this we reward them with discounted rates as a 2nd commitment to get their health fully restored.

Health Express Computerized Health Analysis

This test is used to show your over physiological health and the health of your nervous system as it responds to stress. As you progress on your Total Health Restoration program the Doctors and Practitioners will use this to further fine tune your program and gauge your improvement as well.

Missed Appointment Fee -$50

Your time is very valuable to us and we know how valuable your time is to you. If a patient shows up late to an appointment or does not show up without first letting us know (by 5 pm the evening before their scheduled appointment) this creates a multitude of scheduling problems and affects many other patients.  To ensure the fastest and best service possible and minimize the inconvenience caused to ALL of our patients it is our policy to charge a $50 missed appointment fee to any patient who does not reschedule a conflicted appointment by 5 pm the night prior to their previously scheduled time.


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