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January 2016 – New year, New Health

2016 is here! Time for resolutions and new beginnings!

    January 2016. By Kelley Muraro – Nutrition Response Practitioner


    As the year winds down and comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on things that were, and things to come in the brand new year.  It is around this time of year that I myself began as a patient here at Cedar Wood – which seems like so long ago. Through my journey from patient to practitioner, I have learned many things along the way, and for me, my passion is sharing the knowledge that I have attained.  With that being said, I felt it would be appropriate to share the answer to my number one asked question by friends, family and patients “What should I do about my ______ symptom”… And yes, I have an answer each and every time; STOP EATING SUGAR!

I know this sounds extreme, and I promise you I haven’t lost my mind, just hear me out:

While sugar may not be the direct cause of your condition or symptom, it most certainly is making things worse.  I can give you several reasons as to why I can say this (actually I can give you 144 reasons sugar is causing your issues. Don’t believe me? Check out what Nancy Appleton’s ), but here are just a few effects that sweet treat is having on your system:

  • Sugar causes inflammation

  • Sugar creates bowel problems

  • Sugar feeds immune challenges, makes you more likely to get sick and stay sick longer.

  • Sugar contributes to depression and anxiety.

  • Sugar causes cardiovascular disease.

  • Sugar makes you gain weight.

  • Sugar also raises cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


If you have a health concern chances are it would improve with the reduction of sugar in your diet. I understand giving up sugar is hard.  It’s REALLY hard.  But you can do it, and we can help.  Check out our event calendar for seminars in our community that just might be what you need to kick the habit.

I look forward to 2016, and the many people we will help here at Cedar Wood Natural Health Center.  I wish you all  health and happiness.